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Stain and sealerWhen you floor are in bare wood, it is the precise moment to determine if you are going to leave it in natural with its own characteristics and beauty or if you are going to stain it.

To stain your floor, you could combine your furniture, wall colors and environment into one warm room.

To apply stain to a floor the floor needs to sanded differently so that the sanded floor is what highlights the tones and so the floor does not look painted.

Depending on the wood, some stains could be applied directly over the bare wood. Stain colors that are dark to darkest require multiple coats, or a pre-stain so that the floor has a more uniform look.

Some products offered act as, not only as a stain but as a sealer. Not all stains have to be dark, some lighter colored stains add just the perfect effect you are looking for.



  • Adds customizable color
  • Seals the floor


  • It is a labor intensive process that requires more time and work than if left natural.

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