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Scraping is used only in special circumstances

When scraping is needed

To accomplish a quality durable finish, it is important to sand the floor several times with different grades of grit.  40-50 grit is our starting grit of choice and is practical in most common circumstances.

However, some floors are badly damaged with deep gouges and scratches.  Or some floors have heavy shellac finishes or multiple layers of paint.  If this is the case, we will need to start with 16-30 grit sander on the drum machine.  This is an extra process in order to reach a quality smooth finish floor.

Another instance when scraping is necessary is when the floor has the cupping, buckling or crowning plank syndrome.  These are rare and special circumstances when the heavy artillery is needed.


Sometimes customers remove their vinyl floors and discover they have wood boards underneath, excellent, however the first sanding will need to be scraped (Go to our photo gallery and see before and after samples).  During the site visit and estimating process we will advise you if this extra laborious step is necessary.

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