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Completely removes the existing finish coat


Our method of choice

To accomplish a quality durable finish, it is important to sand the floor several times with different grades of sanding paper with a professional heavy drum roller.

The first sanding is with a medium grade of paper according to the condition of your floor usually grade 50 or grade 40 in worst case scenarios. This will remove the existing finish and remove a thin layer in order to penetrate the bare wood.

The next sanding stages are important in order to achieve smoothness and create a level surface for the application of the finishing coat. Areas that are hard to reach will be hand scraped and sanded with smaller hand held electric sanders.

Once the wood is sanding and stripped of the old polyurethane, the natural color of the wood can be left or you can add color by staining the bare wood.

We recommend applying a pre-stain coating before staining, this help to have a more even and accented color hue on the floor.

After choosing your color, the next step is apply the polyurethane. (Read below about these choices) After choosing your color, the next step is apply the polyurethane. (Read below about these choices)  The more coats you apply, the better the protection, smother the finish and longer the finish will last.  However, there is a maximum amount of coats you should apply, based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

 Two types of polyurethanes exist today in the market, oil base polyurethane and water base polyurethane. Both polyurethane types come with different degrees of shine:

  • Satin Finish (lowest)
  • Semi Gloss (medium)
  • High Gloss (highest).

Water base polyurethane having a great advantage as a non-yellowing material, something common with oil based.  Water base is also non-toxic, non-flammable & can dry usually in 2 or 3 hours compared with 12 to 24 hour as in oil base polyurethane.

To know more go to page Water based vs. Oil Based



  • You completely restore the floor. You could add whatever color you want and you give your floor a new long lasting life.


  • It is a laborious and tedious process. Taking time and effort to achieve desirable results.  You could be out of the room or house for 3 to 4 days.

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