Interior Finishes

We, as professional flooring contractors work hand in hand with the Trim Carpenters and the Painters.  One cannot proceed without the other.  We are intertwined, like it or not.

What we have discovered is the following repetitious scenario too many times:

The homeowner comes back from their vacation and finds scratches and footprints on the newly coated floors.  Obviously, they are irritated.

They then call us, the flooring contractors, immediately to complain (and rightfully so). We then need to explain to the homeowner that when we left the house we left the affected rooms sealed out with blue tape and a sign saying:

Do not step on until so and so date.  If you use a ladder, please place cardboard underneath.  If you must step on it before so and so date, please remove your shoes and tread lightly.

So now it seems we are blaming the Painters or Carpenters, but really, we are.  What we have come to understand is that we are all on timelines and because of that some really do not have a regard for the others finished work.  Sad but true. Many times when the Carpenter comes back to pound in the floor trim and quarter round they lay their hammer and tools directly on the new wood, for us this is sacrilege. For this we have come up with the perfect solution. Allow us to do all of your interior finish projects.  We are experienced, licensed, and insured in both Trim Carpentry and Painting apart from our main source of joy, wood floors.

Interior paniting

Interior paniting

You choose your paint brand, base product, finish and colors and we do the rest.  Please see our photo gallery to see for yourself that our painting skills are just as good as our flooring skills.

Trims & Moldings

Trims & Moldings

  • Doors trims
  • Window trims
  • Base Moldings
  • Crown Moldings
  • Wall Mildwork

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