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nail-n-staple-down-iconTraditional tongue and groove solid hardwood and engineered floor boards are typically installed on top of the subflooring (usually either plywood or plank wood) using our special pneumatic flooring nail gun which places the nails in at an angle through the tongue, such that the nail is hidden in the groove of the next board.

How do we deal with the end course? Some installers face nail the final four or five courses of boards, where the flooring nail gun will not fit in against the wall leaving the nail heads exposed or covered with putty. Others only nail from the outside, where the floor trim will cover, leaving about four rows with no nails, we do not recommend this method neither. What we do is we have special hand held nail gun to nail every course on the tongue, thus insuring every board is tight, although this takes us much more time.

The floor is designed with random length strips in order to stagger the joints. A few strips are placed down and arranged prior to fastening to ensure proper placement, square installation and joint tightness.



  •  Long “lifetime” installation.
  • Moisture issues usually will not “lift” up the floor boards, however warping can occur.  We can repair this, should it happen.
  • Quick and easy installation if wooden sub-floor exists.
  • Most nail down installation floors can be refinished several times.  This gives you more confidence should repairs be necessary.


  • Not really anything to list against this traditional installation method, it has been used for centuries.

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