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Glue Down Installation

Engineered flooring can be installed on any level of the home, however different installation methods are necessary for different types of subfloors. We recommend gluing down an engineered floor to a concrete subfloor.

We glue down engineered wood strips or parquet directly to the subfloor. In these cases the subfloor is usually concrete, so we pay extra attention to moisture.

With glue down installations, it is important to consider any kind of allergies and sensitivities to strong odors. We can use an acrylic based glue which is milder than some of the other options.



  • A stable solid floor which sounds and feels more solid than floating floors.
  • Able to install engineered wood floor to concrete slab without needing to install a plywood sublayer.


  • Glue does not last for centuries like nails do.
  •  Not recommended for areas where there is high humidity or porous concrete sub floor.
  • Moisture can be an issue for wood flooring, it’s best to use a glue that has some type of moisture resistance. Many glue systems have two parts: a moisture barrier that’s applied before installation and a glue that works with the moisture barrier to secure the floor.

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