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floating-floor-iconFloating wood floors have application strategies that should be considered in varying circumstances. If the flooring has a “locking system” we can lock the pieces together without using glue. This type of locking system locks both edges of the flooring together, a system, that in our opinion, makes installing engineered, solid wood or laminate flooring easy, quick, less messy and very secure. In case that there is no locking system, then we can glue together the tongue and groove of every plank and the floor “floats” over a foam underlayment acting as a cushioned padding (this also acts as a moisture barrier). This can be used with either laminate or engineered wood floors, but regardless if glued or locked, the flooring is pre-finished, so be ready to choose your colors when ordering the product of your choice.

Please note that not all engineered surfaces can be installed using the floating method. Please check with a reputable supplier or with us before proceeding to the purchasing phase.

Another of the advantages of floating installation is that it can be placed over most existing subflooring surfaces of questionable quality unlike the other installation methods. If you have multiple layers of wood flooring that you do not want to remove, then floating wood floors is a viable option.
Also, floating floors it most cases, could be beneficial in basement installations due to the increased stability in higher moisture environments. Please note, that not all floating floors are adequate for high moisture environments.

When purchasing, please make sure to consider the “wear layer”. This is important to consider as the thicker the layer the more times it can be refinished.
Generally, laminate flooring gives a hollow sound or feeling when stepping with this type of installation. Also, floating floors expand and contract as a whole unit because the pieces of fused together. Therefore allow for as much expansion area as possible and cover with floor base trim and quarter round molding.



  • Quick and easy installation which is cost effective.
  • Ideal for concrete sub-floors although can be laid on almost any sub-floor.


  • Can be noisy when walked on with hard soled shoes.
  • Due to laminate flooring being the less expensive option, and not able to refinish, the life span is much less than solid hard wood floors or engineered flooring.
Flooring Terminology Clarification: Pergo™ is the industry leader in manufacturing quality laminate floors.  Pergo™ is the same as “laminate” flooring made up of man-made materials. Laminate flooring uses the same installation methods as floating floors. Pergo is to laminate flooring as to what Kleenex is to tissue paper.

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