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We install all types of wood flooring, using the most appropriate installation methods.  Our woodfloor installation service comes with ultimate attention to detail, focused on durability and precision of installation. We do not cut corners on proper floor preparation before putting the final layer of your laminate, solid wood or engineered wood flooring. We will help you to decide the right floor and type of installation based on your needs, taking pride in leaving your home looking more beautiful then we found it.

We take pride on all installation we do, living up to our motto, “Do it once, do it right”.

To help you understand better the different installation techniques, we created the following sections.

Floating Installation

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Glue Down Installation

Glue Down Installation

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Nail&Staple Down Installation

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Nail&Glue Down Installation

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Sanding and Restoration

Does your floor have a history..? We can restore and make them come alive again. See our refinishing services.

Turn Key Program

If you go to empty your home, take the opportunity to perform a complete fine work: Interior Paint, Trims & Moldings, All-in-one Finishing Services.

Flooring types

Three types of floor, choose the right one for your home, according to your needs and budget.