About us

A family history, passionate about wood

Who we are?

We are a family owned and operated company, dedicated to working with all phases and types of wood floors and interior finishes.  We specialize in installation, refinishing, complete sanding, restoration work, trim work and interior painting.

We can handle any residential, municipal or commercial jobs, in the better part of the New York City Metropolitan area, Long Island and all of New Jersey.

Whether you are a home owner, contractor or investor, rest assured that your project will be well cared for from start to finish.


For some people, working with wood floors is just a regular day to day job… a mean to an end.  However for us, wood is our passion.  With its every grain, distinctive sweet aroma, and characteristic knots that wood artistically displays… we see it as the distinctive seal of approval wood gives us and a source of our artistic pride.

Nature is our inspiration, trees our slab of marble, and your floors our canvas.  Please consider Top Tier Flooring, not as just another bidder for your business, but as artisans waiting to be commissioned by its new Patron eager to please beyond any expectation.  Our prices are competitive even for the most modest of budgets, so all you need is artistic appreciation, not necessarily a Patron´s purse.

Please take time to review our website* in order to grasp a clear understanding of our products and services.  An educated Patron is our best admirer, and with that objective in mind, we have put in brief words as much as we could about our art and craft.  No canvas is too small or large to reach the Top Tier.

Yours faithfully,

Maestro Juan Ignacio Suárez

(a.k.a.: John S.)

Our promise

“Do it once and  Do it right”

What do we mean by our motto, “Do it once, do it right”?  It simply states our commitment to offer you the best quality service fused together with our ability to get it done right, the first time.  Our clients have come to appreciate our dedication to exceed their expectations.

For us “Do it Once and Do it Right” means that we are focused to do the job in the right way from the beginning, and give to all our customers a “peace of mind”. It’s true no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, but the different with us is, if we agree to do it, you will have it done, plain and simple.  Just tell us about your project and we will present the best choices that fit your budget without any gimmicks.

Our history


We have been in building work for the past 25 years, dedicating ourselves exclusively to Hardwood Floors and Interior Finishes for customers that request our services.

We can transform any dull, lifeless perimeter and give it the look of a romantic dwelling that will attract any discerning eye.

We offer genuine quality craftsmanship using top quality products, resulting in proven lasting results.

*Please note that in creating this website in good faith we are trying to be as helpful and informative as possible.  These are broad stroke description in generalized situations. We cannot be bound to what is written here in every specific situation.  When we go to your home and assess the specifics, then we can give you an accurate estimate of what is needed and recommendation on how to proceed.

Our goal

To give you, our customers the best solution to your needs. Demonstrating our promise ‘Do it once and do it right’, in every job we do.